Strike expands Bitcoin services to Africa


  • Strike expands Bitcoin services to Africa, addressing financial challenges.
  • Introduction of Strike Africa offers Bitcoin-based solutions in nations with high inflation.
  • The move signifies Strike’s commitment to global financial inclusion and innovation.

Strike, the Bitcoin-focused payments application, is making waves as it extends its full suite of services to the African continent, marking a strategic move to address financial challenges faced by many nations.

In a recent blog post, Jack Mallers, the CEO and founder of Strike, announced the launch of “Strike Africa,” reaching countries including Gabon, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia, with plans for further expansion.

Unlocking financial innovation in Africa

Strike’s foray into Africa signifies the company’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to provide accessible and efficient financial solutions. With countries on the continent grappling with high inflation rates and devaluing currencies, Strike Africa aims to empower individuals to navigate these challenges by offering services such as buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether’s dollar stablecoin (USDT), local fiat currency on-ramps and off-ramps, and global payments utilizing Bitcoin’s Lightning network.

Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa has been on the rise, with Nigeria, the largest market on the continent, experiencing heightened interest. As the Nigerian naira recently plummeted by almost 50% against the U.S. dollar, people are turning to digital assets as a hedge against local currency devaluation. Strike Africa recognizes the immense opportunities for financial innovation and economic freedom on the continent.

Seizing opportunities amidst economic turbulence

Strike’s expansion aligns with a broader trend where Bitcoin and stablecoins are increasingly sought after for savings and remittances in developing countries facing financial instability. The introduction of Strike Africa comes as a response to the specific needs of African nations, providing them with tools to save and build wealth in an environment marked by economic uncertainties.

The move not only caters to the demand for cryptocurrency solutions but also underscores the company’s commitment to being a global player, extending its reach beyond the initial markets in the U.S. and El Salvador. Strike’s approach of offering cost-effective and rapid transactions through Bitcoin’s Lightning network positions it as a potential game-changer in the financial landscape of African nations facing inflation and currency devaluation.

As Strike enters these new markets, it is poised to contribute to the ongoing narrative of financial inclusion, providing individuals in Africa with the means to navigate economic challenges and explore innovative avenues for wealth creation.

The journey into Africa is not just a strategic expansion for Strike but a step towards fostering economic empowerment in regions that stand to benefit significantly from the intersection of technology and finance.

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