South Korean ruling party pledges 2-year delay for crypto tax as elections loom


The People Power Party — South Korea’s ruling party — has started a push to delay crypto gains tax for another two years as part of their campaign promises for the upcoming general election in April.  

Local media outlet Herald Business Daily reported that the political group shared its stance that creating a general framework for crypto is a must before diving into taxation. The party believes that taxing crypto should only be possible once this base framework has been established.

A representative from the party also highlighted that the tax base has not yet been established. The official explained that, unlike the stock exchange, there are no entities mandated to oversee crypto transactions. The party argued that two years is necessary to establish such a system. The ruling party official also said that taxation should protect the country’s property and lives, and noted that there are aspects of the government that have “neglected” the crypto market so far.

The plan to tax crypto trading profits was announced back in January 2021. With the taxation rules, crypto investors who record gains exceeding 2.5 million won (around $1,900) in one year would be required to pay a 20% tax. The set threshold is significantly lower than that of stocks, where only over 50 million won (around $37,400) in gains will be taxed.

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The implementation of the tax has faced several delays over the years. Initially, the plan was to implement the tax in 2022. However, lawmakers reached an agreement to delay the tax implementation to 2023, citing flaws in the information-gathering procedures that would be carried out by the National Tax Service (NTS).

In July 2022, government officials announced they were postponing the 20% crypto gains tax implementation again by two years. This time, the lawmakers cited the stagnant market conditions within the crypto space. At the time, Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at around $20,000 and went on to hit a low of $16,000. The government also said that it needed time to prepare investor protection measures.

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