SEC’s ETF nod could bring ‘ETH season’ if 3 key indicators hold


Ether (ETH) could surge to retest the $5,000 price mark it fell short of in 2021 if three long-term indicators continue flashing, says one crypto trader.

“The dominance chart suggests we’re entering an ‘ETH Season’ where Ethereum is likely to outperform other cryptocurrencies,” pseudonymous crypto trader Blockchain Mane told Cointelegraph.

It follows the Securities and Exchange Commission’s May 23 initial approval of eight spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

TradingView data shows ETH’s dominance — its share of the crypto market — jumped 19.56% over the past seven days after reports surfaced the SEC was pivoting from its hard stance on ETF approvals.

Ethereum’s dominance is up 18.45% over the past seven days. Source: Trading View

Blockchain Mane noted another key long-term indicator the Fibonacci Retracement, was showing “strong support.” The indicator predicts possible price levels where Ether might bounce back based on mathematical patterns calculated from the Fibonacci sequence.

ETH is showing “resistance targets at $5080.60 and $6231.83,” Blockchain Mane said. A price it hasn’t traded near since its November 2021 all-time high of $4,878, according to CoinMarketCap.

At the time of publication, Ether is trading at $3,802.

The Parabolic Curve and Fibonacci Retracement Indicators. Source: Blockchain Mane

The third indicator Blockchain Mane noted was the Parabolic Curve — which spots potential trend changes by placing dots above or below Ether’s price movements.

Mane said ETH is following a “bullish trend” along the curve, which has three marked phases: Base 1, Base 2, and Base 3.

“The parabolic curve indicates continued upward movement, especially after the falling wedge breakout,” they said.

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Other crypto traders have been focusing on the shorter-term price action amid the spot Ether ETF nods.

“ETH is up more this week than the S&P 500 typically gives you in a year,” crypto commentator Benjamin Cowen said in a May 23 X post.

Crypto trader Matthew Hyland believes it’s critical for Ether to now “hold” support around $3,800 “for a continuation.”

Source: Matthew Hyland

The price of Ether barely moved following ETF approvals, likely due to it already being priced in — and because ETF trading hasn’t started.

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