Saylor’s $1M Bitcoin vision vs. today’s sub-$60k reality; emerging AI low-cap gem ready for takeoff


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has been touting Bitcoin (BTC) as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, even going as far as to predict prices will reach a million dollars in the coming years. BTC prices have increased by 24% in the past month, breaking the $52,000 resistance level for the first time since December 2021. 

Assets managers have now been cleared to launch spot ETFs by the US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), and that’s expected to bring in a few trillion dollars into the cryptocurrency space. 

Investing in BTC ETFs is getting lots of hype right now, but InQubeta (QUBE) will probably outperform it this year, much like it did in 2023. The interesting emerging crypto takes on mainstream investment channels by providing a decentralized investment space that makes artificial intelligence (AI) investments accessible to all.

InQubeta (QUBE) expected to take off after presale

Over $9. 9 million has been raised so far as InQubeta’s presale prepares to enter the eighth stage. Early investors have already earned 220% returns on their capital and they’ll be up 440% by the time tokens are unleashed on exchanges. 

The services InQubeta plans to deliver give it the potential to be one of the best DeFi projects ever launched given the huge problem of investors not having access to traditional investment mediums. With InQubeta, anyone can now invest in AI and position themselves to earn generational wealth thanks to the secure investment space it offers. 

The AI industry is growing rapidly right now and so have investments in the technology, with over $120 billion currently backing the technology. Investments in AI are anticipated to exceed $1.5 trillion in the next several years, positioning AI-focused firms and cryptocurrencies that provide solutions to enjoy exponential growth. 

Here’s how InQubeta’s investment space works:

  • AI startups make non-fungible tokens that signify reward or equity-based investment opportunities. An NFT is an asset tokenized on a blockchain. On the InQubeta network, these represent investment opportunities, just like stocks
  • Investors obtain equity in AI firms by purchasing their NFTs, entitling them to all the rewards pledged on their tokens
  • Investors can resell their tokens whenever they choose or hold on to them for as long as they want

Buying and holding QUBE could end up being just as rewarding as investing in AI. QUBE is underpriced at its current price of $0.0224, but prices could reach a few dollars in a couple of years as its market cap expands. 

Michael Saylor’s interesting way of viewing Bitcoin (BTC) prices

Michael Saylor recently tweeted “Bitcoin price is still less than $0.05 million,” encouraging his followers to invest in the popular cryptocurrency because of its massive upside potential. He’s certain that it’s only a matter of time before BTC prices reach a million dollars, which would make its current $52,000 prices extremely cheap. 

Bitcoin’s price movements have been trending upward for the past month, increasing by 24%. BTC’s halving event, which is scheduled for April, should help to sustain its current bull run as has historically been the case with its halving events. 

Many analysts expect BTC prices to go as high as $160,000 this year, making it one of the best coins to invest in. Slayer views Bitcoin as an institutional asset and expects prices to set new highs this year. 


BTC is expected to enjoy as much as 400% gains, and QUBE prices are projected to also surge once released on exchanges. 

The solutions InQubeta provides to investors and emerging AI firms position it for considerable long-term growth.  For more information about the InQubeta presale, visit InQubeta Presale or join the InQubeta Communities.

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