How to protect your crypto wallet


In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, maintaining wallet security is essential for the average user. From major hacks that use lookalike websites to exploits that have taken advantage of wallet connect software for decentralized finance apps, the risks associated with being actively involved in the cryptocurrency space continue to increase. In Episode 42 of Hashing it Out, Kevin Larson, chief technology officer of WalletChat, explains how users and platforms can ensure better wallet security. 

Before building WalletChat — a wallet-to-wallet chat application — Larson worked as a penetration tester probing traditional Web2 security. Since entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Larson has applied that knowledge to understanding how Web2 security crosses over to Web3. Asked whether crypto wallet security is at its worst point, Larson said the answer depends on how it’s viewed. He argues that for new users and the risks they face, this is the worst point ever. However, he explains that the security issue is not a crypto-specific problem, as various Web2 platforms are struggling to keep users safe and are mostly the starting point for Web3 hacks.