How an entrepreneur raised $10M for her startup during a bear market


In the midst of the 2018 crypto price slump, a young entrepreneur invested all her funds and personal money into a prototype that combined fintech and crypto services to offer virtual debit cards and crypto payment services for subscriptions. But because it was a bear market, no one wanted to invest the capital to put the solution on the market.

In the latest episode of Cointelegraph’s “Crypto Stories” series, Josipa Majic explains how she and her partners built a crypto company during a bear market at a time when investors were fleeing the crypto space.

“Everyone said no the moment they heard about our crypto roadmap. They said, our LPs [limited partners] — so, their investors — do not understand crypto. […] It was a really discouraging moment because it just felt like everything was against us. And at that point, May of 2021 approached, and we had little to no cash.”

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The company, Revuto, eventually raised $10 million and had 3 million customers on its waiting list before launch.

“Working on a crypto startup is so much more faster, exciting and also stressful than working on a normal startup. It’s literally an order of magnitude in terms of the change.”