Giddy Smart Wallet teams up with Stripe for seamless crypto purchases


  • Giddy and Stripe integration offers users a fast and reliable crypto gateway with support for various payment methods.
  • Giddy also expands its groundbreaking multi-factor private key solution to include native support for the Bitcoin network.
  • Giddy’s mobile app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Giddy, the self-custody smart wallet championing decentralized finance, has joined forces with leading payment provider Stripe to streamline cryptocurrency purchases. This collaboration marks a major leap in making cryptocurrencies more accessible to the public.

Let’s delve into the details of how Giddy’s integration with Stripe and its native Bitcoin support are set to redefine the crypto landscape.

Effortless crypto transactions for Giddy users

The innovative smart wallet Giddy integration with Stripe, a renowned payment provider, enables Giddy users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from the mobile app with unparalleled ease. By selecting Stripe as the crypto purchase option, users gain access to a seamless experience that supports various payment methods, including bank transfers, cards, and Apple Pay®.

This integration addresses the longstanding complexity associated with buying self-custody crypto. According to Giddy CEO Eric Parker, Stripe’s reliability and efficiency make it one of the best ways to enter the crypto market. The fast and user-friendly nature of Stripe provides an optimal solution for both new and experienced users to engage with cryptocurrencies at the pace of dynamic markets.

Blockchains supported by Giddy

Besides integrating Stripe, Giddy is introducing native support for the Bitcoin network, adding to its existing support for Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Polygon networks. Giddy’s multi-factor private key solution, a cornerstone of its security features, now extends to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

The multi-factor private key solution approach involves separating a user’s private key into multiple encrypted shares, linked to hardware and software controlled solely by the user.

In addition, the unique security measures implemented by Giddy ensure that even if one share of the private key is compromised or lost, the wallet remains secure and recoverable. This groundbreaking security strategy not only enhances user confidence but also simplifies the crypto experience for everyday users.

The Giddy mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, offers a user-friendly interface where individuals can buy, trade, send, earn, and shop using cryptocurrencies.

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