DeFi’s TVL reaches $100B with Bitcoin boost, high expectations for Cardano’s AI competitor


It’s just three months into 2024 and it’s still raining records in the crypto sector. The latest one came on March 9, 2024, after the global value of DeFi protocols crossed $100 billion as the rising demand for Bitcoin (BTC) fueled interest in top cryptos to invest in. 

Bitcoin has been growing impressively since the launch of BTC ETFs in the US after a landmark decision from the country’s regulators.

There’s reason to cheer in the altcoin space too. Altcoin holders are in good spirits after InQubeta (QUBE) recently made waves with its positive price action. 

The QUBE token has left analysts impressed with its presale gains. With its cryptocurrency ICO raising more than $11.9 million so far, some investors see it as a potential competitor for Cardano (ADA)

InQubeta: helping AI startups rise higher

InQubeta is a crypto-based crowdfunding platform for AI projects. The Ethereum-powered platform connects AI innovators with a community of investors, mentors, and financial experts, and helps them scale their business.  

People can participate in the process by purchasing its QUBE token and buying NFTs that represent the projects. Once the transaction is processed, the funds are transferred to the startup and the buyer gets to own a share in the former’s equity. 

Besides fundraising, InQubeta helps startups scale their projects through mentorship and marketing support. The platform connects innovators with an extensive network of professionals. Some of these professionals include veterans who come with years of experience and can guide startups through the challenges of the AI industry. 

The vibrant community can also help them with brand strategy and marketing their projects. To maintain a distinctive brand presence, startups can leverage InQubeta’s social media channels. 

Rated as one of the best altcoins for 2023, the QUBE token has to thank its deflationary model for its popularity. The model contracts the token supply when the markets are in red. 

The reduced supply allows the price to stay stable and demand to rise. The advantage helps the token retain its audience and even draw more crypto users. If there is any increase in token supply during such a time, it’s checked by burning the additional tokens. 

The InQubeta team has created an ambitious roadmap for the platform and its longevity. As per the plan, several new initiatives in store will enhance the platform’s brand presence. 

The first among such initiatives is a staking dApp for crypto users that will also boost blockchain growth. The team is also looking to get the QUBE token listed on a centralized exchange so that more people can explore its USPs. 


Bitcoin has become eighth most valuable asset in the world

Bitcoin is a top-notch cryptocurrency that supports high-speed and secure online transactions. As investing in BTC ETFs reaches new highs, its native token BTC has become among the highest-grossing assets globally.

The BTC token’s growth has helped the crypto market attract more people. In March, the global value of DeFi protocols reached $100 billion due to a Bitcoin-led rally.

In a related development, Bitcoin’s market capitalization reached $1.42 trillion, making it the eighth most valuable asset globally.

Cardano to partner with Dubai police

Cardano is a public blockchain that’s powered by the Ouroboros protocol. The evidence-based methodology behind the protocol gives Cardano leverage over new altcoins. The open-source platform supports seamless dApp deployment with its scalability. Its native token is ADA and it’s used for various transactional purposes on the blockchain. 

It recently unveiled its ‘SuperNode’ feature that aims to ramp up smart contracts operations through a more efficient and scalable ecosystem. 

The blockchain has been in the news due to its collaboration with the Dubai police. According to reports, the Dubai police department will be joining hands with the Cardano Foundation to leverage blockchain to improve its data security measures. 


Apart from driving financial inclusion, Bitcoin, InQubeta, and Cardano have emerged as popular options for increasing generational wealth. With their sustained growth, these tokens are fast outperforming other asset categories and analysts are recommending them for long-term holdings.

The uptick in these coins’ popularity comes after a slew of new initiatives that have expanded their scope. For Bitcoin, the ETF mania unlocked a major growth surge. In the case of Cardano, its lightweight consensus and collaborations have bolstered its market presence. 

Meanwhile, InQubeta has been riding high after its AI-centric platform and presale success took the world by storm.

These tokens sport cutting-edge security frameworks and consensus protocols that boost investors’ confidence in their potential.

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