Crypto icon Kabosu, the Doge meme dog, passes away at 17


Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who captured the hearts of millions as the face of the legendary “Doge” meme and the meme Dogecoin, passed away peacefully on May 24. Kabosu was 17 years old.

Kabosu’s owner, Atsuko Sato, announced the news in a post on her official blog, expressing her deep gratitude for the love and support shown to Kabosu over the years. Sato explained that there would be a farewell party at Flower Kaori in Kotsu no Mori, Narita City, held for “Kabo-chan” on May 26.

The crypto community and fans of Kabosu have expressed their condolences, sharing tributes and some favorite memories of the dog that became an internet legend.

Kabosu’s legacy as the face of crypto culture—and Dogecoin—will continue to symbolize community spirit and inspire future generations of meme culture.

Source: DogeDesigner

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Kabosu first gained attention in 2010 when Sato posted photos of her adopted dog on her blog. One specific image of Kabosu, showing a skeptical and curious expression, quickly went viral, giving birth to the “Doge” meme.

This single image, accompanied by phrases in broken English and Comic Sans font, became a cornerstone of internet culture.

By 2013, the popularity of the foundational meme surged after Dogecoin was created, using Kabosu’s image as its official logo.

Despite being intended initially as a joke, Dogecoin developed into a significant cryptocurrency responsible for several charitable initiatives, including clean water projects and funding for the Jamaican bobsled team.

Kabosu’s impact has influenced even political campaigns, which is fundamental to the meme movement, seen after President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign announced hiring a “master of memes.”

According to the official job description, the main task of the role would be to manage relationships with digital media companies, podcasts and several meme pages spread across social media platforms.

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