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While the blockchain industry is often perceived as being heavily reliant on the performance of crypto prices, 2023 demonstrated that Web3 development and innovation thrive independently of market fluctuations. Even amid the so-called “crypto winter,” new trends like Web3 gaming and real-world asset (RWA) tokenization emerged, highlighting the industry’s resilience and adaptability. This raises a crucial question: does the current talent pool possess the capacity to support the rapid expansion of the Web3 ecosystem into untapped niches?

​​The short answer is no. Blockchain is an advanced multidisciplinary technology requiring a new layer of education on top of software development and engineering skills. The lack of talent, combined with the industry’s accelerated growth, will create a bottleneck hindering innovation and further developments of Web3, reports say.

Blockchain Academy, an educational platform and community dedicated to Web3, aims to foster Web3 adoption through education. The Hong Kong-based education platform combines academic needs with industry practice through a curriculum created with the support of top universities.

With the mission of “bringing the next million talents into Web3,” Blockchain Academy provides comprehensive support to developers, entrepreneurs, and founders in the Web3 realm and beyond. It has the support of prominent Asian universities, including the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, resulting in a theoretically sound and practically applicable education.

Blockchain Academy offers in-person and online events such as boot camps and hackathons to foster Web3 adoption in Asia. Source: Blockchain Academy

Blockchain Academy offers in-person and online events such as boot camps and hackathons to foster Web3 adoption in Asia. Source: Blockchain Academy

Blockchain Academy has built a large and growing community with over 10,000 members across Asia, creating an environment ripe for collaboration, innovation and peer learning. The Academy also bridges Asia and the West to introduce protocols, ecosystems and VCs to the local developers and founders.

Digital and in-person Web3 education

The platform houses various in-person programs, boot camps and hackathons for students from all knowledge levels. Web3 newcomers can take a course to understand blockchain and decentralization better, while experienced developers can check in for more advanced and specific topics, such as a Circle HackWave hackathon.

“Blockchain Academy aims to bring transformative changes to the Web3 industry by focusing on developing and nurturing the next generation of Web3 talents,” Blockchain Academy founder Andy Liu told Cointelegraph, adding, “We are committed to leveraging platform resources to drive Web3 education and facilitate its mass adoption.”

Blockchain Academy focuses on practical, hands-on training to provide developers and entrepreneurs with real-world skills necessary for success in the fast-paced Web3 space. The platform is backed by major Web3 players, including BNB, Circle, Solana and Fenbushi Capital.

Blockchain Academy has become the latest member of the Cointelegraph Accelerator Program. The Accelerator picked the project due to its expansive community reach in Asia and its potential to build a two-way bridge between Asia and the West.

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