Arthur Hayes says macro setup favours Bitcoin bulls as KangaMoon attracts investors


  • Arthur Hayes is bullish on crypto amid the macro setup that he says could present a golden opportnity
  • He says altcoins as well as presale tokens may be worth a look at as crypto exits latest window of weakness
  • KangaMoon (KANG) is one of the new projects attracting huge attention as its presale noves towards a close

Arthur Hayes believes the crypto market is set to continue on the upside, pointing to the macro setup and the sovereign debt bubble. The Maelstrom family office head, is also bullish on altcoins and new token launches that he says present a “golden opportunity” after the recent crypto weakness.

With the market likely to flip bullish in coming months, could this be the time to take advantage of the KangaMoon (KANG) presale?

Arthur Hays explains bull market setup and potential opportunities

BitMEX exchange co-founder and former CEO Arthur Hayes is bullish on crypto rebounding after the recent dip, noting that prices could “get sillier on the upside.” This, he argued in his “Left Curve” blog post, could be a ‘golden opportunity” for investors to add to their positions.

In his opinion, the market is currently exiting “the window of weakness” that likely followed the April 15 US tax payments and the recent Bitcoin halving event.

While the factors that drove Bitcoin price from zero to $70k over the past decade may not be the same ones at play in the future, Hayes says the macro setup and the fiat liquidity surge that fueled BTC’s staggering gains can only get more pronounced, particularly as “the sovereign debt bubble begins to burst.”

As we enter the northern hemispheric summer and decision-makers enjoy a respite from reality, crypto volatility will decline. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the recent crypto dip to slowly add to positions,” the BitMEX co-founder noted.

Altcoins pounded during the latest dump, new token launches and presales are all likely to offer great entry points. These opportunities could materialise over the next few months.

KangaMoon brings GameFi and SocialFi to meme world

KangaMoon (KANG) is a new SocialFi and play-to-earn gaming project currently in presale.

The project, which also taps into meme culture to spice up the epic game battles, has a strong pull due to what the native $KANG token offers to holders. With KangaMoon, the opportunities to earn more $KANG and other exclusive rewards are available right from the presale stage. 

Kangaverse is the GameFi platform’s ecosystem for contests and tournaments. $KANG holders can access these chances to earn more tokens through weekly, monthly and quarterly competitions and game challenges.

What makes KangaMoon a potentially great opportunity?

What makes KangaMoon a potentially great investment opportunity is its current presale price. $KANG’s value during the five stages of the token sale has increased from $0.005 to $0.0196, meaning early birds are looking at about 280% upside on the price.

However, the current price is also likely to be a great entry point given market predictions for Bitcoin and the altcoin sector. Analysts are also bullish on play-to-earn, while meme coins may see a new leg of interest.

A look at KangaMoon’s performance as stage 5 of the presale nears a close shows a great deal of confidence in the project from early investors. KangaMoon has raised more than $5.2 million so far, with the final stage 48% sold out.

Investors can take advantage of the 20% bonus available on all purchases to load up on what could be the next top big thing in SocialFi and P2E.

To learn more or buy $KANG, visit the official KangaMoon website.

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